Womanrunes and their Elements

Here is a list of the runes by element, along with their numbers. The first rune in each list is also used to represent that element:
2O: The Great Wheel, Rune of Infinity
1: The Witch's Hat, Rune of Magic
13: The Flying Woman, Rune of Transformation
10: The Wheel, Rune of Fate
11: The Pendulum, Rune of Karma
0: The Circle, Rune of Self
15: The Whole Moon, Rune of Psyche
36. The Spiral, Rune of Initiation
25: The Winged Circle, Rune of Freedom
9: The Dark Moon, Rune of Wisdom
38: The Sun and Moon, Rune of Laughter
21: The Egg, Rune of Naming
35: The Broom, Rune of Purification
39: The Winged Heart, Rune of Ecstasy
31: The Two Triangles, Rune of Focus
17: The Moon and Star, Rune of Faith
4: The Flame, Rune of Fire
37: The Wand, Rune of Blessing
16: The Serpent, Rune of Awakening
6: The Labyris, Rune of Will
34: The Cauldron of Dancing Women, Rune of Honor
7: The Dancing Woman, Rune of Power
14: The Cauldron, Rune of Alchemy
18: The Sun, Rune of Healing
28: The Tree, Rune of Prosperity
3: The Yoni, Rune of Making
33: The Hearth, Rune of Nurturance
8: The Box, Rune of Limitation
23: The Seed, Rune of Waiting
19: The Dancing Women, Rune of Celebration
29: The Pentacle, Rune of Protection
24: The Tool, Rune of Labor
32: The Moonboat, Rune of Journeys
5: The Heart, Rune of Love
12: The Reflection, Rune of Surrender
2: The Crescent, Rune of Divination
22: The Sisters, Rune of Friendship
26: The Cauldron of Reflection, Rune of Solitude
30: The Two Circles, Rune of Merging
27: The Crowned Heart, Rune of Compassion

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