Woman-Identified Winter Solstice

I'm wondering what sisters are doing for Winter Solstice this year and if
anyone is incorporating woman-identified themes or practises. I think it's so
important to do this with all the eight holy day seasons.

To me Winter Solstices is about the birth of the Sun Maiden, since the Sun
starts Her return journey after all the moons of waning and gathering
darkness. It's a time of hope and renewal and holding each other close and
warm when
there is so much cold and death; especially appropriate this year, don't you
think? I made a story called "The Night the Moon Gave Birth to a Star" and
it's great to share with children and inner children. :0) My children used
to act it out with me this time of year; they danced it while I did the
narrative, and everyone joined in the singing. My son wrote the incredible
melody to the theme song, and gave me permission to put Goddess words to it.
This is politics on the archetypal plane; taking back our image of the birth of
a female divine child. Has anyone ever wondered how come the widely
celebrated Divine Child is always male? We need a female divine Baby too!
think what the lack of this image has done to our psyches.

And there are many Sun Goddesses which we so rarely hear about. I think the
images of the Star, the Child, the Gift and the Tree that come up this time
of the year are actually universal and resonate for everyone. It's a time
when our hearts open and people are more loving to each other. As I said at my
website "we get 'unscrooged.'"

I love the idea of a gifting circle, where each sister brings one wrapped
gift for the basket. It's passed ritually at once point during the ceremony
and everone takes one and opens it for all to see. Fun! It can be sort of
like a tarot reading too, sharing about what each person got and what
significance it might have for them.

I did bring up the suggestion that we might want to do that here in our
Moonspell community. If each woman sends one thing to someone on the list,
will be a gift for everyone! We could each pick a sister to send something
to. Actually Wolfsighs came onscreen by Instant Message lately and said she
is sending me a Solstice Gift! Anyone else want to get in on this? It
doesn't have to be anything expensive. Lots of times I have lovely magic
around the house that I'm ready to pass on, because I have so much stuff in my
tiny house. We can write to a sister offlist that we'd like to send
something to, and get her address. Then we could all share onlist what gifts
received and how they affected us.

I like to acknowledge the Solstice for thirteen days. Does anyone else have
an extended holiday? There are lots of advantages; for instance, watching
the sunreturn for that length of time is very heartening and firmly
establishes the return of light in our psyches. Also it absorbs all the other
celebrations most folks are doing...12/25, 1/1...into a nice long flow in the
of our Goddess-awareness. No conflict that way...time for everything. And
time to slow down and go within too. After all, bears hibernate at this
time, and it's natural to rest more in this season. I don't think women should
have to be under so much pressure to pull it all together for everyone and get
all frazzled the way so many do. I usually start on the Solstice itself and
count the days from there.

And I always thought it was kinda wierd that the Solstice and the "New Year"
are segregated! Kinda schitzy, don't you think?

And I love re-writing and singing re-written Xmas carols with feminist
lyrics. I re-wrote "The Twelve Days of Christmas" to "The Thirteen Days of
Solstice," and it says "On the first day of Solstice the Goddess sent to me..."
:0) On each day the Goddess gives something wonderful that could actually be
put into practise by a witchy community if they wanted to.

You can see all the lyrics and also more about the myth I wrote and other
goodies here: _http://shekhinah.net/WinterSolstice.htm_
(http://shekhinah.net/WinterSolstice.htm) And of course and as ever you are
welcome to call me up
for melodies. (831) 423-7639
after 2PM CA time most days except Sundays.

Here's another rewrite you might want to sing when the time come:

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the Goddess' birth
Long lay the world in patriarchy pining
'Til She appeared and the soul felt its worth
A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
O hear the women's voices!
O night divine!
O night when light is born
O night div-i-i-i-ine,
O night divine!

New words by Shekhinah
Please use freely!

I wish I had a group of sisters to go out carolling with and singing our new
feminist words to all those gorgeous magnificent traditional carols. Can
you imagine doing that in residential neighborhoods? LOL! And I mean singing
with love and joy too...!

Anyone else want to share thoughts, feelings, ideas about this holiday?
Passing the rattle....


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