What Makes Good Magic

About making magic; I do think the "witches' foot" or "witches' pyramid" is also very essential for good magic. This has been composed of four phrases in some traditions, but I of course made it five to get out of polarization: "To see, to know, to will, to dare, to keep silent." I've seen it as see, know, will, keep silent, and I've seen it as see, know, dare, keep silent. So Ijust put all five in and alligned itwith the pentacle.See - spirit, know-air, will-fire, dare-water, silence-earth. I also think magical ethics are essential. "An it harm none, do as thou wilt" is a good basic ethic to go by in magic as well as in all that we do. And, I believe strong positive and loving spiritual belief and practise are indispensable for good magic. To only wield the will without the rest of these may sometimes be enough to get results and to see your spell made manifest, but other times it may not be enough. Plus magic based only on the will can be dangerous and backfire.
And what about desire? Even the traditional Magician card includes a design of red roses, the flower of desire and passion... and white roses for spiritual devotion. S/he is also shown using four elements as represented by the "minor" suits of traditional tarot. On the table before her/him are the wand, cup, sword, and pentacle (fire, water, air, earth)... over her/his head is the "lemniscate" or figure 8 which represents infinity. I have interepreted this as representing the etheric or spirit element.
In my own version, "Shekhinah's Tarot", I have changed the Magician card to The Witch. I was the first to do this, many years ago, and a sketch of my vision was included in issue #13 of Womanspirit magazine.
Womanspirit was among the very first of our Goddess publications, contributed to by sisters around the world. It's now out of print, but the back issues are still available, last I heard. They are collector's items, and I always urge sisters to get them if they can. Try googling Womanspirit, or Ruth Mountaingrove, or Jean Mountaingrove...
In my Witch card the cup has become a cauldron, the wand a spoon with which the Witch stirs her pot, as well as the flames beneath. The sword is now the witch's blade, an athame. She wears the pentacle as a pendant, close to her heart, and the infinity sign has been changed to a little "cone of power" spiraling up out of her crown chakra. Years later this card was re-done by Djinni Van Slyke in her version of a deck we worked on together, called Book of Aradia... and Ffiona Morgan had another artist do it over for our other collective version Daughters of the Moon. Since those days other new tarot decks have also includedthe Witch image.
You can see my version if you scroll down a bit on this page:
My thirteen sense. :0) Any one else have ideas or opinions about what's needed to make good magic? Passing the rattle...

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