Weather Magic

Thanks for your comments, Lore sis... Personally I feel that it's ok to do
this kind of working, as long as it's done with respect and care. I believe
Mama likes us to work with her and that She wants to hear our requests and
suggestions. We are Goddesses too, and we have a part to play in the scheme of
things. I live in earthquake country too, and I've been through a few of
them. I felt that Mama makes earthquakes because we humans get too cut off
from each other and She needs to shake down the walls between us. When we
connect in love and trust the vibrations get stable and peaceful, and I think
is wanting more folks to realize this. When the '89 earthquake hit Santa
Cruz, I ran outside and could feel Her orgasming!! The best part of it was the
way people connected. Suddenly we had neighbors! Everyone was supporting
each other, talking to each other. I went around saying "I don't want it to
get 'normal' again!" Normal, meaning back to same old same old, the isolation

I've had a lot of success bringing rain in times of drought. I call for
gentle rain, gradual increase, rather than something that will just wash away
the topsoil and start mudslides and other problems. I feel very clear that
Mama is ok with this, and that we are co-creators with Her and can work in
partnership. This is not about being arrogant and careless or disregarding Her
vast power and wisdom... it's about validating ourselves and our ability to
help. Drought is about a lack of loving kindness... things literally "dry up"
in every sense of the word, when the waters of the heart cease to flow. Mama
doesn't need us here at all to survive... She is so much more than us... so
why would she bother at all, if not to remind us. When we are in harmony,
the environment is in harmony too, and Mother Gaia, as even scientists are
finding out, is an intelligent organism.

I don't think it's wrong to ask the Hurricane Goddess to shift her winds
just a little bit so they can run their course out at sea with harm to none.
me the real issue is people and how humans are treating each other. We are
a part of the continuum and our vibrations effect the natural environment.
It's sad that it takes a disaster for humans to get that we can stay connected
and support each other. I don't think there would be so many of them if
more people could learn how to live with each other.

Chances are we are at higher risk doing the evorg magic, actually, if it
comes to that.

There's also the HAARP factor, and I don't know how many of you know,
sisters, about this. You can do a websearch and find out about it...a gov't
installation up in Alaska where they are *making storms* literally... some in
Florida area. They are messing with the weather, so it is debatable as to how
many of these incredibly frequent series of hurricanes are actually natural.
I wonder about the recent tsunami too, because I saw something about some
nuclear blasts that took place on the ocean floor right before it happened.

At any rate, any kind of magic for addressing difficulties, I feel, needs to
include the "with harm to none" principle. And needs to be an offer, a
request, and not about domination or foolish disregard... from loving intent,
kindness, and compassion. My thirteen cents of course and we are free to
disagree on this rim. Still, our most powerul potential lies in our ability to
find solidarity and unify around a common intent. Might be near impossible
a bunch of feisty free-thinking witches! LOL Like they say, it's like
trying to herd cats. <g>

Love you sisters,

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