Time as a Deity

Wow that's an astonishing concept Kia sis that Time is a "living energy" as
you say... are you saying you sense Time as a conscious Being or Archetype or
Deity? I would love to hear more from you about this. Thank you so much for
sparking our conversation here with such deep thoughts...

Mostly I have thought of time as a concept of measurement.... a series of
"nows" which we reckon from the turnings and pathways of heavenly bodies, from
the aging and passing of our own bodies, from the changes in things, from the
behaviour of trees, from the bleeding cycles of women, the phases of the moon.
Perhaps we could say that Time is Change, for in the passing of time, nothing
stays the same. And yet, they say of the Moon "ever changing, ever
remaining...." and while we see much change, we also can see that over the long
much remains the same. In a sense Time is illusory, for, as witches have
said, "all space is here, all time is now." It is in that timeless place that
some of us have our visions, see what is hidden from ordinary waking eyes,
the past and the future... yet Time can be very real to us, especially as we
watch the changes in our own bodies. Time and Timelessness seem to
co-exist.... like this world and the next...

It's true that there have been many deities of Time... Tyche, for instance, a
very old undersea Goddess who is said to turn the wheel of time... Arianrhod
of the Silver Wheel... the Wheel being the Moon, the holydays, the passage of
time... Aditi, Mother of the Zodiac... and of course the Fates and the
Norns. I haven't seen any literature on it, but I suspect all moon goddesses
have been associated with Time as well, since the Moon has been our cosmic
clock for ever so long...perhaps Luna Herself is the embodiment of Time.... or
perhaps Time actually lives in the Light that is sent from one planet or star to
another, reflecting their movements and revealing to us how long they take...

I love Time, especially now that I know her as cyclical and eternal. She is
a Gift for She gives us the basis for being in a body on this earth and living
out our cycles of Maiden, Mother and Crone. Come to think of it, the cycle
of Maiden,Mother, and Crone also embodies Time!

Yet Time in Patriarchy can be so oppressive. Represented by "Father Time..."
a guy with a big blade, hanging over us the constant threat of irrevocable
endings. Or the patriarchal view of Saturn as a grim old man. Or the lines and
squares of most calendars that tell us time is limited, time is running out,
time is an enemy that will give to us with one hand, but take it all away with
the other... Or time is a schedule, a rigid trap of the military industrial
paradigm, and we only get so much which we must immediately fill up with
meaningless effort, material enslavements, keeping up with the Joneses, making
our lawns are clipped, our houses pristine, our appearance "perfect," .....
with ever the dangling carrot of the Time when we at last get to "retire" and
then perhaps have a scrap of a life left for some freedom and meaning... if
we're lucky.

"...and the one who drinks my magical brew
"Will know the Past and the Future and the Present too...."
(From Shekhinah's song "Cerridwen's Brew.")

Hmm no wonder the patriarchs made cyclical time illegal, moon calendars
heresy, Goddesses of Time disappear... and what a wonderful radical reclaiming
is to take all that back. Our Goddess myths of time can help make our lives
so rich and full and wonderful. Creating our own calendars, filling them
with meanings we love and that nourish us- is a way to shift the paradigm.

Sisters I know this is a deep subject and hard to put instantly into words,
so please don't worry if thoughts don't take to the keyboard instantly... I
suggest you just keep reading this and former posts on the subject, close your
eyes and listen, and then tell us what Spirit tells you about Time.... when
the Time is right! :0)

A few more questions that might help spark your thoughts...ask yourself:

Why do I want to make a moon calendar?

Is it important to me that it is round?

If so, why?

If not, why?

How do I feel about time spent in my life?

Is my life circumscribed?

Do I have choices about my use of time?

Will creating my own calendar help me to make time my own?


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