Time Pentacles

Well sisters, Valerie really got me going here with her phrase "shadows of
time"....! I'm thinking we might use these in a ritual to consecrate and bless
our calendars upon "completion" of the moonwheel class... tell me what you
think, ok? :0) ( I put quotes around the word completion because it may turn
that we will always return to the moonwheels even as we evolve into other
topics... compare notes on how we're doing filling them in, inquiring about
dates or special days, helping a new sister fill hers out, sharing new
discoveries, like a Goddess for each moon... Just as any calendar can become an
part of our lives, our moonwheels can be that way for the Grove... )

Suggested Timeshadow and Timefreedom Pentacles:

In Air:
Timeshadow - Concepts of time as linear and limited, boxed in
Timefreedom - Concepts of cyclical time, Moontime, our own calendars

In Fire:
Timeshadow - Killing Time, Cramming, Ratrace, Regimentation, Stress,
"Produce! Produce!" Clock in, clock out... military time
Timefreedom - Synchronicity, Time as a Dance, Freedom, Timeout, Downtime,
Time savored, time well spent

In Earth:
Timeshadow - Scarcity, Time is running out, never enough time, time is for
making money, time is valued by how much money comes in
Timefreedom - Chosen priorities, abundance of time, timing ourselves with the
seasons, knowing our inner seasons

In Water:
Timeshadow - Fear of Death, fear of not enough time, time as the enemy
Timefreedom - Trust in the benefits of time, trust in cyclicity, loving our
moments, joy and celebration

In Spirit:
Timeshadow - Time ends at death, it's all just a big machine or clock;
Timefreedom - Magic time, infinite time, life after death, faery time,
moontime, suntime, earthtime, startime, timeless time

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