The Seven Stages of Croning

Greetings beloveds... here is some musings I channelled several years ago
after hearing about a workshop at Pantheacon on this topic. I was unable to
attend, but was intrigued by the concept, and decided to try and write up
something on my own. The other night Desert Star asked me to post them, so
they are. I think all the stages of Maiden, Mother, and Crone can be
understood to have many stages within them. Of course I haven't lived through
of them myself, but perhaps some of you can add your own experiences to the
brew... you are invited! :0)

Shekhinah Mountainwater

1) BABY CRONE: Baby Crone takes her first wobbly Crone steps. She isin the
stages of menopause - pre, during, or post. She is getting used to her new
croneself; perhaps excited, perhaps fearful. She looks ahead to the six
stages to come. She wants to be free of old scripts and roles of the past;
fun, find fulfillment, get "selfish" in the good sense...

2) MAIDEN CRONE: Maiden Crone breaks out, wears purple, makes revolution.
She is the activist Crone who can get away with it now - no longer has to
worry about "what people will think." She re-examines assumptions and values
she once took for granted, re-writes the script. She begins to heal life's
wounds, takes time for herself, gets liberated...

3) QUEEN CRONE: Queen Crone reaps the harvest of her life. This is the
ripening and fullness of the Crone years; enjoying the fruits of her
experiences and labors. She has many skills now and has "been there, done
that" on
many levels. She knows now what to avoid. She may also undergo painful
confrontations with past mistakes and limitations that need to be released or
processed. Queen crone looks over her life and takes responsibility.

4) MATRIX CRONE: This is the peak of the Crone years, when she undertakes
all those great works she's been meaning to complete before passing on. She
may continue to do this throughout the remaing stages. She writes her
autobiography, records what she has learned.

5) ELDER CRONE: Elder Crone takes her place in the Community Council. She
shares her wisdom, insight and experience. She is guide, councellor,
teacher, priestess, Wise Woman for the tribe. In my ideal world every
has a council of Elder Crones.

6) WRINKLED CRONE: Wrinkled Crone completes her earthly tasks, projects,
etc. She draws up her will, plans for her death. She spends quality time
with loved ones she will be leaving on this side. She begins visitng the other
side, establishing links on both.

7) DEATH CRONE: Death Crone works on her death. She travels often between
the worlds. She may still be a powerful Elder in the circle, and/or she may
withdraw to an inner circle of love and support. She plans her next life,
plans her sojourn in the spirit realm. She may need more solitude than ever.
She consults with other Wise Ones for spiritual guidance and support, and
may also still offer this support.

***JUly 19,2005

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