The Power of Naming and Spelling in Womanrunes

How beautiful, SeaRune! Congratulations on your new magical name. I agree
it's important to claim the name that feels right for yourself. I've changed
my name three times in my life, and have no regrets. Eventually I decided
to make peace and integrate all of them, including the name my parents gave
me, so I made a poem and added other attributes as well. Sometimes I have
signed it in blood at Candlemas/Aradia/Musea/Imbolc, and of course I've written
it out in Womanrunes. :0) You can see the poem in the projects section of
Ariadne's Thread, in the back of Cycle 3, The Maiden Goddess... perhaps it
will inspire you to write one of your own. Then you can do a Naming ritual
for yourself if you like.

It's fun to spell out your name phonetically with Womanrunes, and you can do
some divination with this too. It's also instructive to find the runes in
your old name, and compare the two. Sometimes folks make changes in their
names or take new names so they can have the runes in them that they want.
are the runes in your new name:

#16) The Serpent, Rune of Awakening Sound of sss
#15) The Whole Moon, Rune of Psyche Sound of eee
#4) The Flame, Rune of Fire Sound of "r" as in red
#17) The Moon and Star, Rune of Faith Sound of oooo
#13) The Flying Woman, Rune of Transformation Sound of "n" as in now

The first, middle and final runes in your name tell me that you are going to
go through some powerful changes that will be very transforming. The Rune
of Faith (this is also the rune of Divine Inspiration as in the Muse's gifts,
hope, renewal, and spiritual healing) is good to have, to help and sustain
you. The Whole Moon rune shows deep sensitivity and an ability to perceive on
profound levels. It also shows an integration of the three aspects of the
Goddess within you; Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Your new name has appeared as
you are on the threshold of all this, which is fortunate, since it can help
you through the process. But it also catalyzes the transformation.

You can make a "bindrune" with the runes in your name. This is a design
that incorporates all the runes. Your Bindrune can have many uses... it can be
a logo or signature for one thing... can be used to affirm your identity, and
for spells in your own behalf. It can be used as a shield of magical
protection. It can be studied like a tarot card to get more meanings, more
understanding about yourself and what you life is about...

I doodled a bit to come up with a possible bindrune for you, which you are
welcome to draw and make use of if you like. I started with the Whole Moon,
since it is circular, and it's nice to have a round design to build all the
other runes into. I turned it sideways, so that the crescent part is now at
the base of the circle. Inside the crescent I drew the Serpent rune sideways;
it look so nice in there. :0) Standing on the Crescent is the little Flying
Woman, and the Flame rune is emanating from her head. The entire circle is
crowned on top with the Moon and Star rune.

Standing on a foundation of Serpent Power and new awakenings, this woman
undergoes deep transformations, yet is able to keep her kundalini energy in
check, so that she will not be swept away. Yet the Flame emanating from her
shows she also has the option to unleash that power so that it may rise up
through all her chakras. Enfolded within the embrace of the moon, she remains
sensitive and receptive to her changes, and able to perceive things that are
sometimes hidden. Crowning the entire design, the Rune of Faith informs and
blesses it all...

Sisters in the Grove, if you would like me to do this for each of your
names, let me know! :0)


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