Spring Equinox

I felt a twinge of guilt for a moment as I saw this holy day slip by, and realized I wasn't doing anything special, a ritual or something, as I have done for so many years at the coming of Spring. But then it dawned on me that I/we *have* been celebrating! All this talk and interaction about mothers and babies anddaughters; why that's what Spring Equinox is all about! Kore returns, the earth blooms again, Demeter is happy making life, life, new life.... and I in my healing process am experiencing new life, new hope, and a new burst of creativity! "It's all perfect" She whispers in my left ear - the one with the flower in it. :0) Connection, reunion, resurrection, reconnection, return, renewal, rebirth...!!!! This is the essence of the Goddess of Spring, don't you think sisters? I feel beauty and promise and hope in the air... the sweet clean after-the-rain sunshiny sparkling air... I feel this spring awakening in my body too, and inside of me as old sorrows fall away and I too am made new. This writing and all that we share here at Moonspells... and my healing and my life... all are my Spring Ritual this year!
Life is returning, Maiden dancing
The trees are all blooming
The earth is green
Praise for the sweet rains
Praise for the soft winds
See how Her wheel spins
The seen from unseen......
(by me, Shekhinah :0)
to be sung to the tune of
Morning Has Broken;
a folksong by the way!)
Goddess has risen
Now is Her season
She gives us reason
To be, and to give
Praise for the Maidens
Praise for the Mothers
Praise for the Lovers
Loving to live!
And isn't it interesting that I am feeling it today, even though the calendars insist it was yesterday? I have this theary that all the holy days are actually longer than one day. Winter Solstice has 13! All the rest seem to have at least three and maybe seven. It seems the energy starts to gather on the calendar dates, builds, comes to a peak, and denouements over a period of days. Sisters, does anyone else feel that the holy days extend? How many days does Koreturn really have?
A glorious and joyful Spring to you all....
Arms wide for a group hug!

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