Ritual For Truthspeaking

Dark Moon April 8th Friday 6PM CA time, 7PM Mtn, 8PM Ctrl, 9PM Eastern, 2AM
4/9 U.K., 1PM 4/9 in Australia

Written up by Shekhinah with input from the sisters at Moonspells

The theme of this ritual was brought up on the Rim at Moonspells a few times.
We are concerned about the lies being told by those in power in the US, and
the deceptions perpetrated as a result. If those who believe the lies can be
awakened, the course of history can be redirected. Truth-seeing and
truth-telling take courage and integrity, so these will be a part of the brew as

You are invited to participate with us in this working. You can join us on
the rim astrally, through simultaneous visioning and/or ceremony. This can be
done wherever you wish; indoors, outdoors, or online. This writeup is offered
for those who would like to have a thread to follow. If you wish to modify
or change the rite to suit yourself, please feel free. The main thing is to be
in synch and with common intent, so that our powers of manifestation can be
concentrated for actualization.

For those who would like to meet in chat, here is the link:
Moonspell Chat
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Suggested preparation:
This ritual is most effectively done in a quiet space where we will not be
disturbed. We turn off volume on our communication devices, perhaps hang a
"please do not disturb" sign on our doors... let loved ones know and ask for
support in honoring this time for magic. It's also a good idea to think
about what truths you would like to place in Cerridwen's Cauldron, and what lies
you want them to replace.

Suggestions for altar:
Black or dark blue draperies to evoke Crone and Transformative energies....
burn a white candle for truth. In the candle carve the names of Cerridwen in
Her Crone Aspect, and Voc, Goddess of the Spoken Word. We can also carve the
word "Truth" or a rune or other symbol that represents the truth. Place
pearls or white stones for truth, and tigereyes or yellow-gold stones for
Goddesses of Communication, Transformation, Courage, Integrity and
Protection are appropriate...Cerridwen, Voc, Artemis, Athene, Isis... On my
altar I
usually have Ariadne, the Dark Goddess, sitting on her crescent throne, holding
my Muse crystal in Her lap...and Isis, wings spread wide in protection and
encompassing love.

For those of you who would like to carve Womanrunes in your candle, the word
"truth" is spelled with the following four runes:
The Tree, Rune of Growth, Sound of "t" as in tell
The Flame, Rune of Fire, Sound of "r" as in roar
The Moon and Star, Rune of Faith, Sound of "oo" as in moon
The Winged Circle, Rune of Freedom, Sound of "th" as in thick
You can see what they look like at this link:

or if the above link doesn't work copy into your browser:

When all is ready and the appointed hour has come, we light our candle in the
names of our chosen deities. We sit in circle or before our altars and or
computers, make ourselves quiet and breathe deeply and relax...briefly cast a
sacred circle around ourselves and our altars.

In the center of the circle is a round door that opens onto a spiral
staircase, leading us down to the cavern and the shore where our moonboat awaits
take us to the Forest of Anu. We arise and descend the crystal stair, walk
through the cavern and out onto the sparkling beach sands. There floating in
water is the Moonboat... our magical vehicle. We embark, perhaps alone,
perhaps to meet with other sisters and enjoy the ride together. We admire with
wonder the beauties of this crescent shaped little ship, with it's many-colored
embroidered sails and mystic carvings of plants and animals and magical beings
in the wood. We settle on the deck, as Moonboat starts to move and sail
across the waters.... sailing along and up and up...sailing up beneath the
stars.... flying through the night sky. At last we can see the great Paps of
the Breasts of Mother Anu, rearing up in the sky, and Moonboat descends and
gently settles in a river there, and lands upon the shore.

We disembark and make our way into the great and ancient trees growing there.
Before going on to the Sacred Grove where all the women are gathering from
around the world, we stop briefly at the Faery Tree, to center ourselves and
soak up the magic of our Blue Group Pentacle. We enter the great old tree,
which is hollow inside, with a round room. The floor has a glowing blue
that fills it entirely.
We come to the center, a few of us at a time, and take in the meanings and
energies of the five arms of the group star: In Air, Good Communication, in
Fire, Responsible Participation, in Earth, Creating Structure, in Water,
Compassion and Love, in Spirit, the Goddess... We extend our arms out sideways,
feet planted apart, to take up the Star Postion. We become the Blue Pentacle,
and its glowing blue color fills us. We ask for success in the working we are
about to do, good group connections, and that all the qualities represented
by the Star be strong in our Circle.

We exit the Faery Tree and move on through the woods til we come to the great
Sacred Grove. We can see that Cerridwen's Cauldron has been placed in the
center, and it is rimmed with many pearls that glow like moonlight in the
darkness. The ground is soft and gentle underfoot, covered with deep green
At five points around the circle are five great old oak trees that mark the
points of the Pentacle. Each of these trees has an altar before it, one for
each of the five elements. Also on each altar are baskets filled with pearls.

We embrace and connect with sisters that we know, then take our places around
the Rim. We hold hands and connect in the Circle of Eyes, looking into the
eyes of each sister in the circle, and acknowledging her divinity. Then we
close our eyes, ground, and breathe. (It's good to breathe deeply throughout
entire working.)

A priestess begins the Ma on a low musical note. We join in, holding the
sound for as long as we have breath, then stopping to breathe, then chanting it
again. The first note is accompanied by the color Red, which we visualize as
swirling through and around us at our Root Chakra, We chant all the colors of
the rainbow, rising up to a higher note with each color and each chakra, til we
have soared and sung our way through Root, Belly, Stomach, Heart, Throat,
Third Eye and Crown. (For more details on the Ma chant and the Rainbow Cone
Meditation, see earlier rituals in the Moonspells files.)

The Ma swells with sounding power, and we are transported together into a
timeless spin. The rainbow swirls form our Cone of Power, which peaks above the
center of our circle. We each have a rainbow cone around ourselves, and all
connect to make a great combined Cone.

As the Ma chant dies down we feel the throbbing silence. Then a priestess
declares the casting, call-and-response style, that we may all join in:

The circle is cast, the spell is made fast
Only the good can enter herein
The magic is made
So let it begin...

Priestesses around the Rim sing out Goddess names in invocation. We all pick
up or add names and chant them... one name segueing into another, as we call
our beloved Goddesses to our circle and ask them to be with us and assist our
workings. Cerridwen, Kali, Baba Yaga, Voc, Sarasvati, Kwan Yin, Isis, Gaia,
Diana, Artemis, Athene...

As we chant priestesses take up the baskets of pearls and bring them to
everyone on the rim. We are each invited to take a handful of the beautiful
luscious pearls. We hear a priestess speak to invoke our Theme, and join our
and words to hers:

"Oh Goddesses of Truth and Trust, of Integrity and Clarity, of Strength and
Courage, of Compassion and Protection we call on you now to ask you to please
come to our aid. Help us to empower this spell for Truthspeaking in the
places of power in our country and our world...We grieve and lament at the
lies that have been told and the tragic harm that they have caused... (tears
and moans of lamentation are appropriate here)... we cry out for the flame of
truth to burn in the hearts of those in power, and the pearl of truth to rest
upon their tongues. (cries and howls!)

As we speak and chant and cry and howl, a few priestesses approach the
pearl-rimmed cauldron with clay jars filled with pure spring water. They pour
waters into the pot as we all continue to invoke and voice our feelings, our
hopes, our desire.

All sounds coalesce into a call for Cerridwen. We chant Her name again and
again, and keep the chant going as sisters approach the cauldron to deposit
their pearls within. We each stop at the cauldron and drop our pearls in one by
one, speaking the Truth that each pearl represents: "Mother Earth urgently
needs our compassion and support, and all other programs designed to harm her
must cease" "The present regime is destroying our democracy, our planet, and
future and must be transformed" "The people of America are good and loving
and kind and don't want war" " Cooperation works better than competition" ...
"God is Fe/male" ...(add your own perceptions and Truth-tellings here).

As we drop our pearls into the pure waters, a priestess stirs them in. The
waters swirl and spin and the pearls dissolve until a magical elixir is formed,
that glows with the white moonish glow of pearl. We are still singing and
chanting as we return to our places, and three priesteses in the center tip the
Cauldron sideways, and the magical waters pour forth upon the grass, becoming
a Stream that flows across the circle, passes the rim between two women, and
flows on through the woods and down to the river we sailed in upon. The
cauldron rests upon its side and the glowing waters continue to pour and pour,
and on, like an endless fountain.

We hold hands and close our eyes and hum and visualize. A priestess helps to
guide our visioning so that we can synchronize. We see the waters flowing in
the river, flowing flowing around the world into all the reservoirs and wells
and places where drinking water is found. We see this water arriving into
containers and drinking vessels and being drunk by people in positions of power
and influence. As they drink an astral pearl is deposited upon their tongues,
and a Violet Flame of Truth is ignited in their hearts. We send our visions
spinning up and out and away through the peak of the cone, that it might
return to the world as manifest reality.

We chant and sing and delcare that it is so.

As we see it, so it is.
As we sing it, so it becomes.
As we see it, so it be.
All that we have seen and said shall come to be.
As we weave it, so doth it be.

Then everyone goes to the Cauldron's Stream of Truth and dips their cupped
hands in to drink. We each drink deeply and sense the astral pearl that settles
on our tongue, and the Violet Flame of Truth that burns in our hearts. We
turn to one another and anoint each other with our wet hands.

We call on Goddesses of strength and courage and integrity to help us in our
lives to speak truth and resist lies.... Diana, Artemis, Durga, Kali, Voc,
Diana, Athene....We dance a power dance together as we sing their names.
Priestesses come 'round and hang tigereye pendants around out necks, to give us
strength and courage to uphold the truths we see.

When we all have received our power stones and drunk our fill we return to
the Rim for closing.

We join hands and give thanks to the Goddesses we have invited, and bid them
farewell. We dissolve the cone and ground the energy, giving it to Mama Gaia.
We form yonis with our hands and look at each other through the sacred

The circle is open, but never broken
Merry meet and merry part
May the love of the Goddess
Live in our hearts...

We say our farewells, return to the Moonboat, sail home...come up the spiral
crystal stair and into our initial circles. We declare this circle open as
well, and the working completed.

Blessed be.

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