Thursday, December 1st, 2,005
6PM Pacific Time, 7PM Mtn, 8PM Ctrl, 9PM Eastern
This ritual is just for our groups: Moonspells, Moonspell Study Circle, Deep
Feminism, and Womyn of the Goddess, so we won't be posting it anywhere else
this time.
All words and poetry in this writing by Shekhinah Mountainwater. Please use
and acknowledge…please keep the poetry intact as written… thank you!
Everyone in these groups is welcome to participate. You can join Shekhinah
in chat for it, if you like, or enact in your chosen sacred space offline.
Online participants can also make their computer spaces sacred. The magic will
work best with quiet time set aside for the rite with no distractions or
interruptions. Turn off phone sounds, smoke alarms (if you are burning
incense)etc. Hang "please do not disturb, ritual in progress" signs if
loved ones to give you this time and space. Our workings will be most
effective if we are synchronized in time. However, if you are unable to link up
simultaneously, please feel free to do the rite when you can.
Chatroom location to be announced.
Please come a little earlier than ritual time... say at 5:30 CA time instead
of 6... we need to try and get started promptly so that sisters with time
constraints can be with us throughout without having to break circle. Early
arrivals will give us a little time to settle in, iron out any tech glitches
that may come up, connect with each other, etc. etc. Please plan to be there
for the whole thing, as breaking circle does affect the magic. (Personally I
usually set a few hours aside for rituals, which includes preparation,
settling in, the rite itself, and sometimes a schmoozy aftermath...)
The theme of this ritual came up at Moonspells, catalyzed by Shekhinah’s
realization that we could have virtual tools of Air, Fire, Earth and Water to
complement our Prayerbowl - Tool of Spirit- which we activated last dark moon.
If you don’t yet have a prayerbowl and would like to acquire one and do the
magic, you can access the ritual here:
Everything in this ritual is optional. If you need or wish to change any
ritual action or use a different prayer or song, feel free. The main thing is
to be psychically linked with everyone, with the same intent.
Please don't be misled by the length of this writing. It takes much less
time to actually do the ritual than to write or read it.
Begin at your altar or computer and altar, if you wish to join in chat. Make
sure you are comfortable, so that you can stay awhile and enjoy.
Light up your altar. Candles for Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirit are
recommended. The colors respectively can be pale Blue for Air, Red-Orange for
Fire, Green for Earth, and deep Indigo or Cobalt Blue for Water. Draperies
of similar colors can be used; also stones such as Blue Lace Agate for Air,
Carnelian for Fire, Green Aventurine for Earth, Lapis Lazuli for Water, Clear
Quartz for Spirit.
We do some deep breathing. Ground and center. We continue to breathe and
stay centered, visualizing a circle cast around ourselves, our altars, our
computers (as the case may be), and any other things needed for the duration.
Is anyone with us? We make sure to connect and journey together.
On the floor within our circle we see the round wooden trapdoor cover that
opens the spiral stair leading to our magickal Moonboat. The round cover
looks like the one that covers the Chalice Well in Glastonbury England, with
the "vessica piscis" (two intersecting circles) ornately inlaid upon its
surface. We rise and lift this door, and descend the Spiral Stair.
The staircase is made all of sparkling crystals of every hue, as is the
cavern into which we descend. Candles are burning in wall sconces, lighting
way and making all the crystal colors flicker and dance. Down and down we
go until we reach the cave floor. Ahead is the great cave opening leading
onto the beach of sparkling sands. Beyond we can see the Moonboat floating in
the water there, awaiting our arrival. Other women are already there, waving
and calling to us.
We make our way across the sands, and embark. Sisters help each other
aboard. The Moonboat is crescent shaped, made of wood, and all carved with
beautiful designs of plants and animals and magical symbols. There is a cabin
rooms below. On the deck is a wide open area where we can sit in circle
with our sister passengers if we wish. The silken sails are embroidered with
many colors, also in beautiful mystical designs. Lovely glowing lamps hang
everywhere, and the stars are thick and shimmering above. A Goddess
holding a crescent moon in her outstretched hands, horns pointing in the
direction of our journey, graces the prow. Moonboat rocks gently upon the
We settle in for the ride, and Moonboat begins to sail. She travels across
water for a time, then gradually ascends into the starry night sky. We sing
and talk and laugh and enjoy the beautiful journey, letting the breezes
caress our faces, making wishes upon our chosen stars. We sail through the air
and above the sea to Ireland and the Paps of Anu (famous Goddess mountains;
"paps" means "breasts" and they do look like them!). Mermaids are waving to us
from the ocean waters below. We hang over the sturdy railing, waving,
howling and calling joyfully, listening to their siren song returning calls.
We see the great breasts of our Mother as we approach the Forest of Anu.
Moonboat gradually descends and alights on the river flowing there, and we
travel again on water until we come to a shore in the Forest of Anu. We
disembark and make our way across the sand, into the trees, and down the
flower-flanked pathway to the great Faery Tree. Friendly wood sprites greet us
dance along the way with us. .
Within the Faery Tree upon the circular floor is emblazoned our Blue Group
Pentacle. (Sarah was the sister who first suggested we put this pentacle
together to help keep our circle strong.) The pentacle glows. In the points
the five arms of the star are written the qualities for each element that we
wish to have in our group. In Air: Good Communication; in Fire: Commitment
and Responsible Participation; in Earth: Forms and structures we agree to
share and work on together; in Water: Compassion and Love; in Spirit: The
We stand in small clusters in the center of the Pentacle, taking a few
moments to breath in the five elemental qualities. We spread our arms and legs
apart to take the form of the Star, and become ourselves glowing blue
pentacles. We ask for good energy for our ritual, success for our magic, and
and protection for all.
Now we exit the Faery Tree through the door opposite the one through which
we entered, and continue on the pathway through the trees to the great Sacred
Grove. Many women are already gathering as we arrive... there might be a
hundred or more; sisters of Moonspells from all over the world. We meet and
wave and embrace the ones we have special connections with, then take our
places on the Rim.
In the center of the circle a low altar has been arranged, draped with a
lush tapestry that falls in folds to the grass. Five candles of gold, pale
blue, green, red-orange, and indigo are set in readiness for lighting. A small
vessel of holy water is placed. The center of this altar is clear, in
readiness for the magical items that will be placed there. The ground is
with soft green grass. We join hands.
Just behind us our circle is embraced by a circle of sacred trees. Five
great Oaks mark the five points of a huge pentacle that encompasses the entire
circle. Before each of the five Oaks is an altar, one for each of the five
Elements. Upon the Spirit Altar rests our beautiful Virtual Prayer Bowl that
we activated last darkmoon, and that now provides the common link to all our
personal bowls.
Our other four Sacred Tools are grandly displayed on their respective altars
as well: our Book of Spells for Air, our Magic Wand for Fire, our Magical
Bag of Endless Abundance for Earth, and our Fountaining Crystal Chalice of
Healing for Water.
We begin with the Circle of Eyes. Looking into the eyes of each sister for
a moment and going around the Rim. Seeing the divine Goddess in the eyes of
each Woman...seeing how beautiful and special and wonderful she is. Letting
ourselves and our divinity be seen and loved. We feel how this lifts our
hearts, raises the energy, and helps us to connect.
A priestess signals us to sit, and we settle on the grass, and hold hands.
We breathe together, in and out, in and out...breathing deeply...breathing
down to our toes and up to our crown and out into our aura. We send a
grounding cord from the base of our spines and deep into the sacred earth.
A priestess begins the Ma, and we pick up the sound, carrying it so that it
resonates deep within us and soars to fill the forest. We sing Ma and
visualize all the colors of the rainbow, going through the chakras with swirling
circular color, and ascending notes of Ma. (For more details on this Ma chant
and Rainbow Cone Meditation see earlier rituals at the Darkmoon Rituals
website, linked above.) In this way we build a Rainbow Cone of power; each of
has our individual cone and all the cones join to form a great Rainbow cone
that encompasses all, coming to a peak above the Center. As the last Ma dies
down, we feel the throbbing silence.
We declare the circle's casting:
The circle is cast
The spell is made fast
Only the good can enter herein
The magic is made
So let it begin...
A priestess comes to the center, walks slowly around the central altar, and
raises her arms in invocation:
Fire! Water! Air! Spirit! Earth!
All repeat
Bring our sacred circle unto birth!
All repeat
Earth! Spirit! Water! Fire! Air!
All repeat
Make all words spoke within most fair
All repeat
And endless spells of magic doings here
All repeat
Air! Earth! Fire! Spirit! Water!
All repeat
Take us to thyselves, we thy daughters
All repeat
Spirit! Water! Earth! Air! Fire!
All repeat
Unleash in us thy powers of desire
All repeat
Water! Air! Earth! Fire! Spirit!
All repeat
Bring us music of the spheres; we long to hear it!
All repeat…
We call on Goddesses we love by name. A woman cries out a name and all
repeat...then another...then another til all the Goddesses we wish to appear
have been called. "Aditi, Mother of the Zodiac." "Spider Woman, Weaver of the
Universe" "Changing Woman." "Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel." "Rhiannon,
Keeper of Souls." "Psyche, Knower of Immortal Love." "Ariadne, Holder of the
Thread." "Star Goddess, She Whose Body Encircles the Universe." "Nut, She Who
Gives Birth to the Day and the Night." “Voc, Goddess of the Word Bespoke
Sung.” “Pele, Goddess of the Volcanic Flame of Creation.” “Gaia,
Mother Who Nourishes us All.” “Yemaya, Goddess of the Deepening Waters of
Love and Healing.”
As we call on the Goddesses of Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirit, five
priestesses come to the center and form a circle around the central altar, each
alligned with the five altars on the circumference of our circle. They are
dressed in beautiful colors and fabrics representing the five elements.
The priestess who aspects the Air Goddesses speaks an incantation, moving
slowly around the inner circle, dancing with airy movements.
I am Air!
I am the breath of the universe
And the brilliance of ingenious mind
Womb of thought
Weaver of all that is imagined
Fly with me on the wings of poetry
Know the wonder of my sacred song
Give me your love
And honor me
For in so doing
You honor yourselves
And live forever.
All: Blessed be our sister, the Air!
She returns to her place and the Fire Priestess begins to gyrate, dancing
wildly and incanting:
I am Fire!
I am the burning of desire
I am the serpent kundalini
Rising up at the Goddess’ will
I am the throbbing molten center of Earth’s womb
The electric honey-lightning of all storm
And sacred orgasm
Bask in my warmth
Burn with me in ecstasy
Give me your love
And honor me
For in so doing
You honor yourselves
And live forever.
All: Blessed be our Friend, the Fire!
Fire Priestess returns to her place and Earth Priestess comes dancing with
earthy gestures and incanting:
I am Earth!
I provide the sustenance whereon you stand
I am the body of the Goddess
Weaver of all that is made manifest
Caress my curving hips and hills with your eyes
Run your fingers through my leafing hair
Give me your love
And honor me
For in so doing
You honor yourselves
And live forever.
All: Blessed be our Mother, the Earth!
Earth Priestess returns to the center and Water Priestess comes dancing with
flowing motions and incanting:
I am Water!
I am the lifeblood of the Earth
And the sweetness of loving hearts
I am the depths of the soul
And the weaver of all feeling
Swim with me into your passions
Swoon with me into the pull of the moon
Give me your love
And honor me
For in so doing
You honor yourselves
And live forever.
All: Blessed be our Lover, the Water!
Water Priestess returns to the Center and Spirit Priestess dances wingedly
and chanting:
"I am Spirit!
I am She Who circles endlessly creating all!
I am She Who ever changes, yet remains.
Birthplace of the Soul
Roots of the Self that cries out with joy: "I AM!"
I am the Magic Without and Within
Your Fate and your Destiny
I am the hub of every wheel
Where there is Birth, there am I
Where there is Life, there am I
Where there is Death, there am I
Where there is Beauty and Goodness and Love,
There am I.
Be with Me in the eons of Timeless Time
Circle with Me through the seasons of the earth and stars
And the seasons of your bodies
And of your inmost Selves
Feel the awesome power of My Mystery
Know my endless ecstasy of Being
Give me your love and honor me
For in so doing you honor yourselves
And live forever.
Blessed be our Grandmother, Spirit!
Everyone in the circle sings as the priestesses each go to one of the five
surrounding altars, and brings the Sacred Tool of their element to set it upon
the central altar in pentacle formation. Each lights the candle of their
element as well.
Suggested chant, or sing one you know and love, or make one up:
Earth witch, ear to the ground
Listening to Her heartbeat
Water witch, arms in the stream
Reflecting on reflection
Air witch, throat full of song
Spinning sweet spells
Fire witch, breath to the flame
Kindles passion
Spirit witch, embracing stars
Imagining her magic…
(By Shekhinah)
The chanting dies down and we gaze again upon the beauty of our Virtual
Prayer Bowl of Lapis Lazuli, encrusted with sacred stones in the form of a
of dancing women around the outside, inside inlaid in an intricate pentacle
design with sparkling beads of every color…
…and upon the magnificence of our tools of Air, Fire, Earth and Water: The
Spellbook covered in rich brown and purple leather, thick with many handmade
paper pages, awaiting the spells we will write therein, a Moon Goddess
engraved upon the front with the words Moonspell Book of Shadows…
The Magic Wand of snakily undulant golden wood, a sparkling crystal point
emerging from the carved serpent’s mouth at one end…vibrating with
The Magic Bag of Abundance of deep green velvet, emblazoned in gold with the
Tree of Life that drops her fruits endlessly. The bag is rounded with a
long shoulder strap and many tiny mirrors of purple and silver sewn. From its
opening pour all manner of gifts, and each of us sees what we have need of
emanating there…
The beautiful silver and crystal Chalice with it’s ancient clear quartz
bowl, fountaining clear waters of healing, calling us to drink deeply and
the thirst of body and soul.
We sigh and exclaim and oh and ah at the wonder of it all.
Spirit Priestess goes to the Rim, since we have already blessed our Spirit
Tool, the Prayerbowl. The priestesses of Air, Fire, Earth and Water, each in
turn, lifts the tool of their element towards the heavens, touches it to the
earth, breathes upon it, sprinkles it with the holy water, and passes it over
the candle flames.
"I ask that this tool now be blessed
By Spirit! (All repeat "Spirit!") (Raising the tool)
By Earth! (All repeat) ( Touching the tool to the Earth)
By Air! (All repeat) (Breathing upon the tool.)
By Water! (All repeat) (Sprinkling )
By Fire! (All repeat) (Passing the tool over the candle flames)
Each sets their tool back into its place in the central star.
Each priestess in turn takes up the tool of the element she represents,
calls on the Goddess of that element and speaks:
"Oh Goddess, we ask that this sacred (book, wand, bag, chalice) be
consecrated to our purpose, in allignment with your will, that it may serve all
is best in us. May our workings be loving and helpful, may our tool respond
to them with power and help them to come to fruition, may all the magic we
enact with them be fulfilled in completeness and joy." (Specific requests for
the effects of book, wand, bag and chalice can be added in.)
So Be It! (All repeat)
Blessed Be! (All repeat)
We spend some time visualizing all the magics operating and coming to
fruition… powerful spells being written in our Book and being used
magical will directed towards our intended outcomes when we point our Wand…
the magical bag pouring its bounty into our hands, helping us meet our needs
in our lives, or the needs of others…drinking deeply of the delicous
healing waters of our magic Chalice…seeing ourselves and others recovering
from illnesses, becoming whole…
The priestesses replace the tools on the central altar and return to their
places on the Rim, joining hands with the rest of us in the circle.
Spirit priestess cries out:

Our tools are now wakened
The magic is won
Their blessings are flowing
Our working is done!
We arise and howl with delight and celebration, raising our held hands high
above our heads.
More music and chanting as we do a spiral dance, so that everyone can see
and admire our sacred artifacts up close. As each woman spiral dances to the
center she stops at the central altar and makes a request of each of the
tools, asking for support from her chosen Goddess if she wishes.
When the spiral is complete we return to our places on the Rim for closing.
The five priestesses return the five tools to their respective altars.
"And whenever you have need of anything, o my sisters, or there is someone
you would like to help, come inwardly to any of the five altars to make use of
our tools. And if you should choose to gather your own earthplane tools to
link up with these, please do so. Next darkmoon we will enact the linking.”
All: So Be It! So Mote It Be! Blessed Be!
We say thank you and farewell to all the Goddesses we have called.
"The circle is open
But never broken
Merry meet, and merry part
May the love of the Goddess
Live in our hearts."
We look at each other through our hands, held up to our gaze in a
yoni-shaped opening.... this is the Eye of the Yoni and a nice way to greet or
And so we return to the Moonboat, sail back across the mountains and the sea
(unless we live in that continent! :0) ) return to the crystalline cave,
climb back up the sparkling crystal stair, through the round opening door in
floor, and back to our own spaces.

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