Mother or Crone?

Re:Mother or Crone?

Good question Lisa sis, and very appropo for this Path of women's mysteries. :0) It has been debated as to when we actually go from one stage of the Sacred Three to another. I feel that the Mother stage begins with Menarche and ends with Menopause or Moonpaws as I like to call it. :0) Moonpaws, however, lasts a long time, maybe up to 10 years, so it is a more gradual shift from Mother to Crone. That's why one can get a little unclear as to when one stage ends and the other begins. They sort of segue or dovetail... and in a way Mother and Maiden continue and go along with us into our Crone time and we can become all Three.
There is one tradition that says that when a woman has ceased to bleed for thirteen moons, she is now a Crone. She is then called "a woman of the fourteenth moon." There is a book by that name, edited by a sister named Sumasihl, which was put out by my own then publisher Crossing Press. It is a collection of accounts by women of their own passages into Cronedom. Sumasihl also started holding circles by the same name, and invited me to priestess at some of them. These circles still happen in other places where women took up the rattle, and I think there's still one going here, but Sumasihl has left the area. At the earlier versions of these gatherings women got Croned in a beautiful ritual. Later Maidenings and Motherings were also added, so it is quite the all day affair. It's based on Native American ritual style, which ordinarily is not my usual way of doing ritual... a lot of drumming...people camping out all day around the Rim... children running here and there... ritual stuff going on in the middle... You can see an oldpic of me at my website on the rim of one of these circles.... go to the About Shekhinah cave, left hand menu...
I felt that my Crone stage began when I counted thirteen silver hairs amongst my then dark and plentiful mop. :0) That was when I turned 50, and had been menopausal during the previous decade... but I think I still had an occasional moonflow.
I have since come to see that there are stages to Croning and I even wrote a piece called The Seven Stages of Croning and I named them Baby Crone, Maiden Crone, Queen Crone, Matrix Crone, Elder Crone, Wrinkled Crone, and Death Crone... it's in the message archives under The Seven Stages of Croning if you want to have a look. Just type the title into the search box at the top of any message page at our yahoo site.
I think there are also stages to the Maiden and Motherparts of us. Those need to bepondered, Named, and written up too. Sisters you are welcome to work on this if you wish and share your findings with us... :0)
Crone blessings,
I added my info to the Moonters database. I have a question - when do
you become Crone? When your moonflow stops? I'm 45, still have my
moonflow, so I identify myself as Mother. What do you think?


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