More on Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Divine Play...

Interesting that Grimasi gave a talk here at the local witch store to a big
noisy enthusiastic crowd. This is the same pagan community that ostracises
and ignores me and my Goddess-centered work.

I agree about subservience, and definitely disagree with the idea that the
Goddess "must" go into the underworld to learn her own mysteries from a male
deity. Duh.

However, in my own version of the Persephone myth, I have played with the
processes of youth, maturity and old age for all three aspects of the Triple
Goddess. I got my inspiration from living in the Redwood Forests, and seeing
how birth and life and death (Maiden, Mother, Crone) are always happening
there simultaneously. You see dead and rotting tree branches composting back
into the soil, homes to bugs and worms. You see new young sprouts and buds.
And you see full blown burgeoning life forms. In my Myth of the Kore
(Persephone's upper world name) the Maiden Goddess experiences being born in
innocence and unknowing. She does go into the underworld to learn the
Mysteries... from the Crone, though, not from a male autocrat. And the Crone
her own wise elder Self. Eventually She becomes the Mother and the Mother
becomes the Crone and the Crone is reborn as the next Maiden.

Each of these Goddesses has a scene where She experiences one of her other
aspects, and there are chanted poem/songs that express their interaction.
When the Mother and Maiden are together they chant:

Full to crescent moon
We touch and blend
Child unto the Mother
Ourselves in one another
'Til time sweeps us asunder
Once again...

And the invoking chant is KOORAAAYMAAAAAAAAAA....

When the two Maidens, Kore and Diana connect and become lovers:

Moon to crescent moon
We touch and bend
Maiden to the Maiden
Fly apart now shining
Dancing through the heavens
Once again...

And the invoking chant is KOOOORAAAAAYDIAAAAANAAAAA....

And when the Mother and the Crone meet and talk about Kore/Persephone's
passage into adulthood and the Mother's own passage into Cronehood:

Full to darkest moon
We touch and blend
Mother to the Crone
All-one and yet alone
Our cycles now all known
Once again...


And when the Crone is in the underworld with the Maiden, Initiating her into
the Mysteries:

Dark to crescent moon
We touch and blend
Crone unto the Maiden
Wisdom into wonder
Innocence to knowledge
Once again...

And at the end when all the Goddesses unite:

New to full to dark
We touch and blend
Maiden, Crone and Mother
Ourselves in one another
Cycling through each other
Once again...


So it's not so much about a Goddess being stripped of her mysteries so that
they can be taken over by male interests and controls... it's about an
unfolding and refolding... seeding, blooming, fruiting again and again. And we
go through it as we pass from one lifetime to the next. We forget what we
knew before, each time we start again... we are old anciently wise souls, but
we get to experience innocence and newness by drinking of the fountain of
forgetfulness between lifetimes...

It's a paradox, I know. How can the Goddess be all these things at once....
wise and unknowing... alive and dying... savvy and naive? But then, I love
paradoxes. :0)

In Her Love,

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