Moonwheel Tips

One thing that I have found makes it really easy is to point all my letters
and numbers in the same direction, no matter where they are on the wheel.
This means that I write a number like 22 or a name like Moonday so that it is
always facing upright without having to turn the wheel. This is hard to

Most sisters I have worked with on the moonwheels prefer to turn their wheels
as they fill them out. This means that you can only read everything on the
wheel by turning it. Sometimes turning and turning your moonwheel when
figuring out dates and plans can be a bit awkward.

It would work if all the wheels were cut out and were not planted in a square
page....then mounted on a board with a pin or other central post that would
allow the wheels all to spin. Then it would be better to turn your wheel as
you fill in your information, changing the direction of your letters and numbers
and images as you go.

Hope this makes sense...


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