Meditation to Find Mother Self

Sweetie there can be a meditation for anything! A little while back
you posted a request for advice on some magic to help you with your
moods, and I responded, but I don't know if you saw my post. I
suggested there might be something in your circumstances that's
causing you to hold some pent up frustration, and that it would have
to come out somewhere... or something like that; does it sound
familiar? I suggested the remedy may not just be about switching off
the frustration, but about looking for ways to change your

Anyway, I do get the feeling that you need some time and space to
yourself. Is there a way that you can get some support for this from
the folks around you? Even if it's just a few minutes in the
day...or maybe a weekend day once a moon...? I think it would do
wonders for your emotions and your sense of Self...

This is such a crucial issue for women, and in fact we've been
posting about it lately in relation to Virgina Woolf's classic book A
Room of One's Own. Women, and especially mothers and wives, are
often expected to be eternally available to others. In fact women
themselves feel they must. And often we wish to be there for those
we love, which is a good thing of course. But no energy can flow only
one way forever... depletion, irritation, and frustration naturally
follow. Energy must come back around so that your needs are also
being met. Sometimes women delegate those frustrated feelings to the
Shadow, where they pile up until they come bursting out in some
uncontrollable way. Suppressing or switching them off doesn't really
address the underlying cause. I think it's important to validate
those feelings and address the causes. This can be done with magic.

It might help to do the Reclaiming Time ritual at our Darkmoon Ritual
site... or a modified version thereof. Let Mother Time Dragon help
you get that nasty Time Gobbler!

I think an enlightened society would provide ways for moms and all
women who take care of others to have some time to themselves. A
woman needs this... and she also needs time with her spiritual
sisters. These things replenish and strengthen us, so that we have
more to give in the long run.

In my tarot deck I changed the old Eight of Cups to the Seven, and I
call it Birdalone. This card is about withdrawal and going within,
but in traditional decks it tends to look melancholy. In my
Birdalone card there is a figure of a woman walking joyfully towards
a little boat in the river that runs before her. She will row across
to the cave on the other side that beckons. Beyond are mountains and
the moon is in the sky. There is only one seat in the little boat,
and it belongs to her.

Her back is to the viewer. She wears a velvety grey priestess robe
with a hood, which is all we can see of her, but you can see the lilt
in her step by the way the robe flows and swings. Behind her, in
the foreground of the image, are gathered seven cups, all full of
sparkling blue water. The cups in my deck are painted silver and
they have red winged hearts with white wings. These cups represent
all the contents of her life... her commitments, responsibilities,
and so on. That they are all standing and full shows that nothing is
lost while she takes the time she needs to go within. They await her
on the shore and will be here when she returns, refreshed and renewed.

The Womanrune that goes with this card is #26, The Cauldron of
Reflection, Rune of Creative Solitude. You can see it in our files
or at my website here:

I think it could be a help if you could practise drawing that rune
and keeping it around you... maybe make a pendant out of it or
embroidery or something crafty. Maybe you and Meagan could play with
the runes together and each make something wearable out of one or a
bindrune; combination of more than one.

Also working with the runes in your name can be a great way to affirm
your identity and your sense of self. Here are the Womanrunes in
your name MaidenElf:

The Yoni, Rune of Making Sound of "m" as in Mother
The Pentacle, Rune of Protection Sound of "A" as in Able
The Tree, Rune of Prosperity Sound of "d" as in Door
The Reflection, Rune of Surrender Sound of "u" as in "up"; this is
the bending vowel so it's sound changes a bit depending on the
consonants around it.
The Flying Woman, Rune of Transformation Sound of "n" as in Now
The Cauldron, Rune of Alchemy Sound of "e" as in Wet
The Crescent, Rune of Divination Sound of "L" as in Lovely
The Tool, Rune of Labor Sound of "ff" as in Funny

Here are the runes in your given name, Annette:

The Pendulum, Rune of Karma Sound of "a" as in At
(do you pronounce your name that way? Or is it "uh" as in up -
"uh-nette?" In which case it would be the bending rune)
The Flying Woman, Rune of Transformation Sound of "n" as in Now
The Cauldron, Rune of Alchemy Sound of "e" as in Wet
The Tree, Rune of Prosperity Sound of "T" as in Table

Interesting that Annette may have all runes that are in MaidenElf,
but MaidenElf has more.

I will send you my interpretations soon and a design for a bindrune
too.... but you are welcome to go ahead and play with them yourself

I hope these thoughts help dear MaidenElf, lovely sister!

Let MaidenElf
Be HerSelf!!!

So Mote It Be

Love, love,

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