Invisibility Cloaks

Hi TT sis...:0)....been looking at some of the posts you've been sharing on the question of shielinding and making yourself invisible, and remembering that the old bardic robes were "cloaks of invisibility" when you turned them inside out! Have you looked at the discourses on shielding here in the Grove? The links are in the file "Links to Class Materials" and you should also have them in the email by that name that was sent to you when you joined. Let me know if you need any help finding those discourses, ok?
All kinds of things have been used to represent shielding; why not a cloak? Your shield design could be embroidered or appliqued or even painted on... hm I wonder if there's a way to apply it to velvet the way you sometimes see designs done by crushing parts of the velvet nap... I've seen some pouches done with this technique and it's quite beautiful.
Once your shield is created it's not necessary to physically wear or carry it with you everywhere (unless of course you wish to).... you can just invoke and visualize it wherever you happen to be when the need comes up.
I seem to have developed a very effective "cloak of invisibility" myself... but not consciously. It's been a way of protecting myself for a long time, and I didn't even realize it until I began to notice that I am bypassed or seemingly ignored a lot in groups. I have had a lot of frustration around this, wishing to be seen, heard, responded to when I speak/sing, etc. Some of the problem is not from me, but it has dawned on me that it is probably partially my own unconscious shielding! So be careful about creating invisibility for yourself... it's great when it's appropriate, but can be awful if you start to feel overlooked, ignored, taken for granted, etc.
The old bardic robes were "coats of many colors" on their outer side... :0) That's the side to wear them on when you want to shine your light!
If I had the time I would love to have a garment with my shield embroidered so that it would rest right over my heart. For a cloak you could have it situated in back, on the heart chakra. What do you think?

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