Group Shielding and Priestessing

Despite what I've shared earlier about various kinds of attacks I've
weathered, a certain "safeness" emanates around me too. Many folks have
that they feel safe around me. And living on the edge as I do, there has got
to be some miraculous protection happening. For years there has been a
psychic safety net around this place where I live, and my housemate and
neighbors get the benefits. Some of this protection has come from my own
prayers and visualizations, but I think there are larger forces at work here
This little duplex corner, sometimes called "Cosmic Corners" by women who
have lived here, is a doorway and a sanctuary. See my writings in the
Discourses on Gladys the Liquid Amber Tree, whom I have honored as 10th in my
moonwheel calendar, and who holds us all in her mighty embrace...

Yes Protection, Divination, and Healing... incredible priestess traditions,
and still so much needed. And how about Magic? Facilitating group Ritual?
I once made a Priestess Wheel, correlating all the things a priestess can
offer with the eight holy days... I will have to dig that up and share it with
you, sisters.

And yes, Prosperity work can also be in a priestess' kit bag... definitely
needed in a classist exchange economy...especially needed if one is to live
one's truth and refuse to sell out. It doesn't have to include that false new
age blaming philosophy either, but can be rendered with compassion and
without greed.

What other things does a priestess do? I'd be interested to hear what
sisters think about this...

I'm excited about doing some group shielding! What ideas on this do other
sisters have on this? I do think all our circles need some magical

Passing the rattle to...


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