Good Vs. Evil

I say always respond with good no matter what. Where there isa witch there is a way! Starhawk is a prime example of a leader who teaches groups how to confront perpetratrators with peaceful demonstrations. sometimes the results are not immediate and it takes faith and patience to plow through the arrests, the media lies, etc. But goodness and truth will win out in the long run. look even the Berlin wall came down in our lifetimes! That's pretty amazing.
We can't always fix everything; that's another thing to remember. But if each of us does what we can, it adds up in the long run. Each day there is always something we can do to make the world a little better. If everyone would just do their part, things would improve eventually. And remember what Z said; "Do something every day to disobey the patriarchy." LOL! I love that.
And then there is magic. As a gentle witch I have found magic to be my best tool of social transformation.
Some are better at picketing... or going to the battle zones... or getting petitions out...or starting ingenious actions like they do at CodePink. Some are like the Women in Black ( I love them!) who just stand vigil on the street, all dressed in black, silent and powerful... simply hanging out there for all to see, letting everyone know they are protesting war. These things may not seem to have much impact at first...but believe me... in thelong term they are very powerful because they teach people how to think and how to change their minds. remember, public opinion is a great force! change enough minds and you have changed the world. Start with one mind and change that! It may seem like a small grain of sand, but it will be joined my millions of others and one day be a whole castle.
I love when sisters do healing all those women in Africa who planted a million trees and changed the land from a desert back into a place lushness and life force.
Or what about Yolanda King, Martin Luther King's daughter? She does performances you wouldn't believe...she combines passionate speeches with powerful theatre. She sure is her father's daughter LOL ... and talk about a beautiful black sister....wowza.
But here in our online groups magic has been our best resource. Magic to bind the government so they can no longer make war. Magic to change Bush's mind so he steps down from his pedestal and joins the circle of humanity. Magic to being green growth and life and ozone back our Mother Earth. Sisters together we can do anything! It's all about getting in synch at the same time with the same vision and the same intent. Nothing is more powerful than women putting their magics together; nothing!
And no needEVER to do harm!

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