Goddess Timeline

Sign & Age(i.e. Spring equinox in Sign) Last Ice Age begins ca 70,000 BCE Upper Paleolithic Aurignacian culture in France begins ca. 30,000 BCE
Pisces (ca 26,200 BCE -- 24,000 BCE) Last Ice Age in progress

Venus of Dolní VÄ›stonice dated to 29,000 BCE - 25,000 BCE

The Blanchard Bone Plaque, a possible two-month lunar calendar,
Dordogne, France dated to32,000 BCE - 25,000 BCE

Aquarius (ca 24,000 BCE - 21,800 BCE) Last Ice Age in progress

Venus of Willendorf dated to 24,000 BCE - 22,000 BCE

The Ishango Bone, a six-month lunar calendar, Congo, Africa
ca 25,000 BCE - 20, 000 BCE

The Isturitz Baton, a five-month and a four-month lunar calendar,
Isturitz, France ca 25,000 BCE - 20,000 BCE

Venus of Laussel, France ca 25,000 BCE - 20,000 BCE
Capricorn (ca 21,800 BCE -- 19,600 BCE) Upper Paleolithic Aurignacian Culture in France ends ca 20,000 BCE

Upper Paleolithic Solutrean Culture in France begins ca 20,000 BCE

Sagittarius (ca 19,600 BCE -- 17,400 BCE)

Maxium Glaciation of last Ice Age ca 18,000 BCE

Scorpio (ca 17,400 BCE -- 15,200 BCE) Upper Paleolitic Solutrean Culture in France end ca 16,000 BCE Upper Paleolithic Magdalenean Culture begins in France ca 16,000 BCE Wild Emmer Wheat collected and consumed in the Near East ca 17,000 BCE Libra (ca 15,200 BCE -- 13,000 BCE) Late Upper Paleolithic Age Last Ice Age in progress Upper Paleolithic Magdalenian culture flourishes from northeastern Spain
deep into central Europe; produces cave paintings, engravings
on bone and antler, "Venus" figurines, notched menstrual/lunar

Lascaux Cave paintings in France, ca 15,000 BCE - 13,000 BCE Virgo(ca 13,000 BCE -- 10,800 BCE) End of the Paleolithic; Climate Warming Glaciers retreat Dogs domesticated from wolves in East Asia Altamira Cave paintings in Spain ca 12,000 BCE.

Leo(ca 10,800 BCE -- 8,600 BCE) Epipaleolithic Age -- Hesiodic "Age of Gold" Begins Epipaleolithic. Use of wild grains intensifies; wild Einkorn Wheat collected and consumed
in Near East ca 10,000 BCE;Incipient agriculture.
Epipaleolithic Natufian culture settlements begin ca 10,500 BCE
Earliest Neolithic cultures appear soon after 10,000 BCE
in the Fertile Crescent Mesopotemian region.
Magdalenian Culture in France ends ca 9,500 BCE

Cancer (ca 8,600 BCE -- 6,400 BCE) Pre-Pottery Neolithic Age Natufian culture ends ca 8,200 BCE PleistoceneEpoch ends; Holocene Epoch begins 8,000 BCE

Einkorn Wheat domesticated ca 8,000 BCE

Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (Jericho) 8350 BCE to 7370 BCE

Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (Jericho) begins 7220 BCE Catal Huyuk settlement built ca 7,000 BCE Gemini (ca 6,400 BCE -- 4,200BCE) Pottery Neolithic Age;Megalithic Age Begins Old European Karanovo I-II Culture ca 6,400 BCE - 5,100 BCE Yarmukian (Near East) Cultureca 6,400 BCE - 5,800 BCE Crete and Cyprus settled ca 6,000 BCE Old European Starcevo-Cris (Balkans) Culture ca 6,000 BCE - 5,000 BCE Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (Jericho) ends 5,850 BCE Old European Linearbandkeramic (LBK, aka Linear Ceramic) culture begins in central Europe ca 5,500 BCE
Old European Sesklo Culture (Thessaly) artistic peak ca 5,500 BCE Old European Dimini Culture (Thessaly) artistic peak ca5,300 -4,800 BCE Catal Huyuk abandoned ca 4,900 BCE Megalithic Age Begins ca 4,500 BCE Megalithic constructions ca 4,500 BCE -- 2,000 BCE
Passage tombs in Brittany built ca 4,500 BCE
Malta temple construction begins ca 4,100 BCE

Old European Vinca Culture (Serbia) flourishes 4,500 BCE - 3,500 BCE

Old European Cervanoda (Balkans) Culture ca 4,500 BCE - 2,000 BCE

Old European Cucuteni Culture ca 4,500 -- 2,500 BCE
Horse domestication;Kurgan Wave I 4400–4300 BCE Taurus (ca 4,200 BCE -- 2,000 BCE) Megalithic Age Kurgan Wave II 3500-3400 BCE Old European Vinca Culture ends ca 3,500 BCE Chalcolithic (Copper Age)beginsca 3,300 BCE-- Hesiodic "Age of Silver" Begins Kurgan Wave III 3000-2800 BCE Stonehenge Phase I construction (Aubrey holes and embankments)
2,950 BCE-2,900 BCE
Malta temple construction ends ca 2,500 BCE Old European Cucuteni Culture ends ca2,500 BCE Stonehenge Phase II construction (timber structures; Aubrey holes
filled) 2,900 BCE-2,400 BCE
Stonehenge Phase III construction (Bluestones, Sarcen Circle and Trilithons)
begins ca 2,500 BCE
Enheduanna lived and wrote her Sumerian poetry ca 2,300 BCE Bronze Age Begins ca 2,200 B.C Aries (ca2,000 BCE -- 200 CE) Bronze Age; Iron Age Begins Megalithic Age ends ca 2,000 BCE Old European Cervanoda Culture ends ca 2,000 BCE Achaean invasions of Greece ca1,900 BCE -- Hesiodic "Age of Brass" Begins Stonehenge Phase III construction ends ca 1,600 BCE Mycenean Culture in Greece, ca. 1,600 BCE - 1,200 BCE Rig Vedic Aryan Invasions of India;Fall ofIndus ValleyCiv. ca1,500-1,100BCE Fall of Crete to Achaeans ca 1,450 BCE Iron Age begins ca 1,300 BCE Ramses II (traditionally thought to be the Pharoh of Exodus) becomes King of Egypt ca 1279 BCE Traditional date of death of Moses 1272 BCE Babylonian creation mythEnuma Elishwritten -- Marduk kills Tiamat -- ca 1,250 BCE TrojanWars begin ca 1,250 BCE; Troy destroyed ca 1,100 BCE -- Hesiodic "Age of Heros" Israelite Invasions of Canaan began ca 1,230 BCE Dorian Invasions 1200- 1000 BCE -- Hesiodic "Age of Iron" "Ancient Dark Ages" in Greece ca 1,200 BCE - 800 BCE Early Classical Period in Greece aa 800 BCE - 450 BCE Hesiod lived and wrote ca 700 BCE Sapphoborn ca625 BCE Persian Wars 498 BCE - 479 BCE Peloponnesian War 431 BCE - 404 BCE Old Testament written in Alexandria ca 400 BCE - 100 BCE Julius Caesar Invades Britain in 55 BCE and 54 BCE Pisces(ca200CE -- 2,400 CE) The Goddessless Age Begins (in the West) Constantine convenes Nicene Council in 325 CE -- New Testament canon assembled. Women excluded from priesthood; must remain veiled and silent in church ca. 400CE Roman Britain ends ca. 400 CE Saxon Invasions of Britain ca 500 CE - 600 CE Islamic Invasions of Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia ca 600-1100 CE Ghengis Khan Invasions of China 1207 CE, Central Asia 1218 CE, Russia, Hungary and Poland 1223-1227 CE European Invasions ofWestern Hemisphere, Africa, India, Asia, Pacific, Australia ca 1500-2000 CE * * * * * * * * * * * * * Visions Shekhinah: Goddess re-awakening begins to sweep the world...women wake up and start to find each other. Despite much resistance, feminism has wide-reaching influence.
Aquarius (ca 2,400 CE-- 4,600 CE) Shekhinah:

The Golden Age of the Goddess begins and takes root, transforming all social interactings at every level.

Ecological responsibility is the new ethos.

A new approach to the raising of children encourages compassion and caring in both girls and boys.

The practises of a Gift Economy gradually replaces the masculated marketplace.

So be it!


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I do love the idea of adding relevant Goddess and Woman oriented
material to our timeline. A lot more can be added to the future ones
too! What visions do sisters have for our Goddess-and-Woman-loving
future world? Here are some others that come to my mind:

All gender variations and loving sexual preferences accepted and

No class system; everyone is equal and all needs are met

Creativity, love, friendship and compassion are highly valued.

As in the ancient native way, wealth is measured by how much one has
given away, not by how much one has acquired.

Everyone works at things they love to do, and for every task that
needs doing there is someone who loves to do it. If there are any
tasks that no one loves, these can be done technologically.

Fewer big cities and more villages with lots of nature in, around and
between. Remaining cities are ecologically sound, beautiful, centers
of culture, science, education, and the manufacture of needed goods.
Lots of parks and fountains, statuary and art everywhere. Libraries,
museums, schools. Centers of healing and the study of healing;
though there are many of these sprinkled everywhere.

Temples of Love. Temples of Healing. Temples of Magic. Temples of
Learning. Priestesses preside in them.

Humans evolve to the point that most are psychic and communications

Transport is by hovercraft, solar-craft, or "beaming over" as in
Startrek. This means most of the concrete can be removed and plants
and habitats can grow and breathe again.

Rain forests become centers for the production of useful foods and
medicines instead of being cut down to make way for cattle feed or
tract housing. As a result the forests grow back and flourish, as do
wilderness areas around the world.

The ozone layer is mended. It is documented in the news, on the
internet, in many writings and films; a momentous turning point in
earth and human herstory.

Some plastic "baggies" and other packaging materials are made to
go "poof" and dissolve into the air harmlessly after a period of
use. Their molecular substance is beneficial to the atmosphere and
helps to maintain its purity and balance.

Extinct species return as habitats are restored.

Goddess shrines and temples everywhere. Lots of work for priestesses!


Any more future visions? These are so important for helping to
manifest the world of our desires!

Passing the rattle to...


* * * * * * * * * * * * *
All Crones shall be revered and sought after for their arcane
and glorious wisdom!


* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Joy is the usual attitude, not an occasional flash. Everyone lives in comfort and peace and joy.

All children are revered by all adults, cared for and watched over by everyone and no child ever goes hungry or in need.

Nobody is ever homeless.

Every neighborhood will have a Moonhouse retreat with a lovely herb garden and an herbalist where women may go for peace, ritual, storytelling, quiet music, comfort food, soothing massage and pampering their bodies in all ways when they are flowing. They will not be expected go work or go about their daily business unless they want to, instead they will be honored as procreators.

We see one another through eyes of love and honor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Callista Hellene:
People realize their connection, physically and
psychically to the environment; we co-create the
best weather conditions with Mother Earth to
yeild excellent crops to feed everyone, and also
for many a fun day at the beach/hiking/camping.

Animals realize we are not a crazy species, and
wild animals come up to us unafraid. We share
childcare duties with our animal friends.

Men let go of their fear of femininity and
understand the 'masculine' ideal that was beaten
into them was just to get them to join the army
and be efficient killing machines for a few
powerhungry jerks.

Men embrace their sisters, and wonder why the
heck they didn't see sooner what awesome people
women are when it was as plain as day!

We never fear each other again because we realize
we are all One, part of the human family, and
that the universe is a safe place. We are safe
to learn and grow and evolve and be creative. We
learn finally to lighten up and enjoy the
beautiful gift that is life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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