Fall Equinox

In addition to this holy day being the time of the Goddess' Descent into the
Underworld, Her Shaman Spirit Journey there, and Her meeting with the Crone
to learn the Mysteries of Immortality, Manifestation, and Dissolution... this
is also the time of the women's rite of passage Menopause, or Moonpaws as I
like to call it. I have been one of the first in our movement to develop this
concept for the Wheel of the Year, and to tie in the importance of Women's
Blood Mysteries in relation to the Holy Days. Moonpaws has been one of our
Lost Mysteries, suppressed, trivialized and pathologized by the patriarchal
culture. It is the beginning of Cronehood and deserves to be honored deeply...
as do all of our transformations around the year and the cycle of our lives.
I corellate it with the Dark Maiden, and Menarch or First Bloods with the
Bright Maiden who comes into her womanhood at Beltane. I think it is so
important to take back the sacredness of all our mysteries. Just think what a
different world it would be if these were widely celebrated and honored for
all women! And how can we expect to see the end of agism, the shelving of the
elderly, of women's fear of growing old, if we don't bring back the
sacredness and celebrate our Moonpaws once again? All the blood mysteries have
cursed, and many people even call menstruation "the curse!" It's time to lift
the curse away from these sacred parts of us, and bring back the blessings!
...and see them as ours and the Goddess' infinite holy dance of Birth,
Blood, Passion, Milk, Moonpaws, Death, Immortality, and Inspiration. In other
words: Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox,
Hallowe'en, Winter Solstice, and Candlemas. Or, as I like to call them: Kore,
Diana, Aphrodite, Habondia, Persephone, Hecate, Lucina, and Brigid.

What symbols, archetypes, spirits, beings, deities do you like to associate
with the eight points of the Sacred Year, sisters?

Passing the rattle to....


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