Decorating Ideas

Some decorating ideas I have used over the years that you all might enjoy

In the round centers I have done scenes with the trees designated for each
moon... the tree itself, with some land, maybe hills in the distance..some
sky... a moon of course...sometimes the moon is caught in the branches of the
tree.....stars as well. I've included the name for example "Willow Moon" as
of the central design, and maybe a few words about it... "tree of magic and
mystery..." since Willows do best growing near water, I usually give Willow a
pool at her feet...

Collage and pasteup: This is a fun way to go too, especially if you don't
have a lot of time available for drawing. I have cut out rounds from magazines,
old journal covers, greeting cards, the size of the moonwheel centers, and
pasted them in.. one time I found the Willow Faery from a Mary Baker Eddy
greeting card, and pasted her in for that moon...

Decorate special days and blocks of days.... sometimes I'll extend and/or
amplify a dayspoke by lengthening it's rim end out into the margin, creating a
pointer or other design, that leads the eye to a drawing relevant to that day.
For instance if it's a holy day I'll put a womanrune there for that time. Or
if the holy time lasts more than one day I'll color in a block of days, maybe
sprinkle some sparkly stars in, write in some notes on what's up for those

I love to use those gorgeous gold and silver ink pens... the ones that you
have to shake to get the ink flowing, and make such wonderful sparkly metallics.
Sometimes they require more than one layer to get that sparkle... they are
great for coloring in the moons. I specially like to color in my full moon
and add some radiating lines going out from it in all directions, so my eye
instantly knows where and when the full moon will be for that cycle...

I usually set my moonwheels on the page sideways and to the left. This
leaves a wider margin on the right for various things. In the upper right I put
identifying information and dates:

6) Willow Moon 6/7/05 - 7/6/05

Sometimes in the lowerlefthand corner I put verse:

"Oh Goddess of the Willow Moon
Bring me magic night and noon..."

Affirmations for the moon are great additions too. As we clock and
mythologize and affirm what we desire in a daily calendar, we increase the odds
manifesting the lives we wish to lead... Having lived out of my moonwheel
calendars for over ten years now, I have noticed this effect. It seems to work
especially well when one fills out a year of moons ahead of time, and puts in
special days, runes, affirmations, prayers, and so on.

Oh and then there's the Mooncode, which you can put into your dayspokes in
red if you wish... see page 35 in Ariadne's Thread...the Mooncode is great for
tracking your blood cycles. After a few moons of tracking you can see in what
phase of the moon your bloods come... how your energy is at dark moon, waxing
or waning... when in the cycle you feel magical... or energetic... or low
energy... or full of ideas... or full of feelings... these simple little glyphs
hold a lot of information but take up very little space, like runes. And of
course you are invited to invent your own! :0)

Any more ideas out there? I'd love to hear any inspirations that come up.


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