Days of the Week

Hi sisters here is a little ditty I wrote as a mneumonic device for
remembering new Names for the days of the week. You may have guessed
by now that I am fond of making these kinds of changes! :0) The more
goddess energy we can put back into the fabric of our lives, the more
fulfilled and liberated ourlives can be...

This is a good poem to include in your moon calendar. There are also
womanrunes for each day of the week...

The days of the week as we usually know them, are named for
patriarchal gods. Except for Monday (the Moon) and Sunday (the Sun)
and Friday (Freya.) I have kept the latter three meanings, and
changed the former four.

Monday is now called Moonday.... just taking back the original here.
The Womanrune for Moonday is #2, The Crescent Moon.

Tuesday (named for Mars, Roman god of war) is now Artaday after
Artemis, Amazon Goddess. The rune for Artaday is #22, The Sisters,
Rune of Friendship, and/or #6, The Labyris, Rune of Will.

Wednesday (named for Mercury, Roman messenger god) is now Demeday
after Demeter, Earth Mother. The rune for Demeday is #28, The Tree,
Rune of Prosperity.

Thursday (named for Thor, Norse war god -gee do we have to have two??-
) is now Earthsday - just turned the sounds around! The rune for
Earthsday is #24, The Tool, Rune of Labor.

Friday is Freyaday. The rune for Freyaday is #39, The Winged Heart,
Rune of Ecstasy.

Saturday (named for Saturn or Father Time) is now Hecaday after
Hecate. The rune for Hecaday is #35, The Broom, Rune of
Purification, or it can also be #14, The Cauldron, Rune of Alchemy.

Sunday is still Sunday. The rune for Sunday is #18, The Sun. Or it
can also be #19, The Dancing Women, Rune of Celebration and Community.

by Shekhinah Mountainwater

Moonday is a time to be
Alone with I, Myself, and Me

Artaday's for closest friends
And beloved family
Or if the times they do require
To wield our sacred blades of fire

Demeday and Earthsday both
Are for creating, work and growth

Poets and Lovers now can play
On sacred lovely Freyaday

On Hecaday we wield our brooms
To cleanse our planet and our rooms

And SunDay last but not the least
We circle, celebrate and feast!

But all of this can be set aside
If our days become too circumscribed
Our Attention, Time, and Energy
Must always free and chosen be!

days of the week runes

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