This is a rather outdated bibliography of books relating to women's
spirituality, it might be helpful. Siduri

There are many classics here, worth hunting down as they are becoming rare...BB, Shekhinah

> The Woman's Book of Ritual, by Barbara Ardinger
> The Women's Spirituality Book, by Diane Stein
> Casting the Circle, by Diane Stein
> Earth Magic, by Marion Weinstein
> The Holy Book of Womens Mysteries, by Z. Budapest
> Womens Rituals, by Barbara Walker
> Ariadne's Thread, by Shekinah Mountainwater
> Mysteries of the Goddess; Goddess Spirituality, by Ffiona Morgan.
> Goddesses for Everyday, by Nancy Blair
> Embracing the Goddess Within, by Kris Waldherr
> The Dark Goddess, by Marcia Stark and Gynne Stern

>> History and myth
>> The Body of the Goddess, by Rachel Pollack
>> The Myth of the Goddess, by Anne Baring
>> When God Was a Women, by Merlin Stone
>> Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood, by Merlin Stone
>> Grandmother Time, by Z. Budapest
>> Grandmother Moon, by Z. Budepest
>> Shakti Woman, by Vicke Noble
>> When the Drummers were Woman, by Layne Redmond
>> The Divine Feminine, by Andrew Hervey and Ann Baring
>> The Witches Goddess, by Janet and Stewart Farrar
>> Sancturies of the Goddess, by Peg Streep
>> Godesses and Gods of Old Europe, by Marija Gimbutis
>> The Civilisation of the Goddess, by Marija Gumbutis
>> The Language of the Goddess, by Marija Gimbutis
>> From the Realm of the Ancestors. An Anthology in Honor of Marija
Gimbutis, edited by Joan Marler
>> She Who Dwells Within, Lynn Gottlieb
>> Celtic Goddesses, by Miranda Green
>> Inanna, by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Kramer
>> Mysteries of Isis, by deTraci Regula
>> Isis in the Ancient World, by R. E. Witt
>> Priestess, by Norma L. Goodrich
>> Sunstories, by Carolyn McVickery Edwards
>> The Storytellers Goddess, by Carolyn McVickery Edwards
>> Oh Mother Sun, by Patricia Monaghan
>> The Goddess, by Caitlin Mattews
>> The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, by Barbara Walker
>> The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, by Barbara Walker
>> Goddesses in World Myth, by Marrah Ann and Dorothy Imel
>> The Goddess Changes, by Felicity Wombwell
>> In a Chariot Drawn by Lions, by Asphodel Long
>> New Book of Goddesses and Heroines, by Patricia Monaghan
>> Uncoiling the Snake, by Vickie Noble

>> Divination
>> Motherpeace tarot deck, by Vickie Noble; Motherpeace (book); Motherpeace
>> Playbook; Motherpeace Source Book, by Karen Vogel.
>> Daughters of the Moon Tarot, by Ffiona Morgan
>> Shining Woman Tarot, by Rachel Pollack
>> The Goddess Oracle, by Amy Sophia Marshinsky
>> The Amulets of the Goddess, by Nancy Blair
>> The Goddess Tarot, by Kris Waldherr
>> Barbara Walker Tarot, The Secrets of the Tarot (book), by Barbara Walker
> >>

Subject: Lunar bibliography

Here is a list of moon related titles...again, in case it is helpful. Siduri

Moontime, by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe
Power of the Moon, by Teresa Moorey
Sisters of the Dark Moon, by Gail Wood
The Moon Box-Chronicle Books
Moon, Moon, by Anne Rush Kent
The Moon, by Jules Cashford
New Moon Astrology, by Jan Spiller
Praise to the Moon, bu Elan Hawke
Moonspells, by Diane Ahlquist
Grandmother Moon, by Z Budapest
Moon Wisdom, by Sally Morningstar
Dark Moon Mysteries, by Timothy Roderick
MoonLore, by Gwydion O'Hara
In the Light of the Moon, by Carolyn Edwards
Year of Moons, Seasons of Trees, by Pattalee
Lady of the Night, by Edain McCoy
Moonscapes, by Rosemary Ellen Guilley
Everyday Moon Magic, by Dorothy Morrison
Mysteries of the Dark Moon, by Demetra George
The Faces of the Moon Mother, by Rowena Pattee Kryder
The Moon Oracle, by Caroline Smith
Moon Magic, by Lori Reid
Moon Divination for Today's Woman, by Casandra Eason
The Moon, by Maryam Sachs
The Goddess in your Stars, by Geraldine Thorsten
Moonwise, by Daniel Pharr
The Moon in your Life, by Donna Cunningham
Earth Time, Moon Time, Annette Hinshaw
Queen of the Night, by Sharynne MacLeon N

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