Abundance Magic; part 3

Hi sisters here are some suggestions for doing daily abundance workings as part of scholarship arrangements at the Grove. Anyone coming in on a scholarship is asked to take a little time each day to invoke abundance and help bring in the wherewithal to start making payments in the Grove.
(You are also asked to pay what you can in the meantime.) This working can be focussed only on that purpose, or you can include all of your abundance needs and desires, if you wish- for yourself, for sisters, etc.
Anyone can do this work, actually...whether or not you are on scholarship. We can always have more abundance, right? And we can invoke in one another's behalf too, and in behalf of the Grove as a whole...
These are only suggestions of course, and you are welcome to do the magic that pleases you most...
Have an abundance vessel on your altar at all times... this can be a prayerbowl or other container in which you can place your written requests and images.
Write affirmations on parchment or bay leaves or other materials. (I've been using dried and pressed rose petals lately in my prayerbowl... they are quite lovely. :0) I paint my words and symbols on them with a silver paint-pen...the kind you shake up.
Write very gently if you are using plant materials, so as not to tear them...
Suggested affirmations:
"Habondia blesses me constantly."
"I am in the flow of universal abundance."
"All things I have need of come to me endlessly and effortlessly."
"Green energy surrounds and fills me."
"All that I have seen and said shall come to be."
"As I seed it, sow it is."
"As I wish it, so it is."
"As I weave it, so doth it be."
It's good to include your own name or a symbol of yourself.
My Womanrunes images are all available for anyone who would like to use these. Brevity helps when your writing space is limited, so sometimes a picture symbol accomplishes this well...
You can view Womanrunes with names and definitions here:
Spend a few minutes each day at your altar, focussing on your Abundance Vessel or Container. Breathe, ground, close your eyes and visualize the outcome of your spell. The more concrete and literal your visualizations are, the better they will work. For instance, seeing your wallet or purse filling up with green money... or your checkbook with added figures listed in the right hand column... or see yourself clicking deposits into paypal for covering costs at the Grove...or making out checks, as the case may be...
Think positive. When fears and doubts and worries about money come up (and believe me, I know how it is!) try to turn those thoughtforms around to positive affirmations. Or just let them go by without giving them energy, until they simply run out of steam. Always remember to replace what is gone with something you wish for.
Into the pot!
What was is not!
Out of the pot!
Now is what was not!
If you know how to "run energy" as they psychics say, when you are working at your alter, this helps enormously in the fruition of your spell.
Silence is the fifth step to magic. It's ok for us to share among ourselves here, since we are supporting each other, but beyond our circle it is best to maintain that silence until the working has come to complete fruition.
I'm only online sporadically now, so if you need more input on all this, please feel free to ask other sisters in the circle. Ariadne can be our liason if there are any urgent communications.
I'm so glad to see so many new sisters here! I hope I will be back on track soon, and I'm looking forward with delicious anticipation to walking the Path with all of you.
Hugs all 'round!

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