13 Days of Solstice

On the thirteenth day of Solstice the Goddess sent to me
A Grand Celebration!
Showers of Abundance
Deep Contemplation
Candles for the lighting
Nine pearls of wisdom
Fine conversation
Magic for the year
Greetings from my neighbors
Jo-oyous Songg!!!
A branch of evergreen
A helping dream
Gifts from my love
And some healing to set me free....!!


And so our new solar year is now firmly launched in the sky, in the earth,
and within our spirits...!


Let this be the year when all woe passes and evil and corruption fall
away... let this be the year when dreams come true.... when illnesses are
healed...when traps are sprung....when our heartsongs are sung! Let this be
the year
when sisterhood reigns and the homeless are sheltered and women everywhere
are free again!

So mote it be and so it shall be and as we seed it sow it is and as we see
it so it is and as we weave it so doth it be and blessed be!

Love to all,

Deep contemplation can be about hibernating, down time, taking time out,
relaxing, resting, going within, meditating... quiet retreat... things often we
women don't get to do around holiday time, especially when everything is
crammed into a single day. Another advantage of celebrating for 13!

By the way none of the things the Goddess sends in this song have to be
pinned to a particular day. They can occur just about any time during the 13
days... come and go... appear and retreat and return again...and since there
13, and sometimes there are thirteen moons in the lunar year, each of these
magical gifts can be applied to a particular moon of the year! :0)

1. Birch Moon: Healing
2. Laurel Moon: Gifts
3. Ash Moon: Helping Dreams
4: Alder Moon: Green Branches
5: Apple Moon: Song
6: Willow Moon: Greetings
7: Oak Moon: Magic
8: Holly Moon: Find Conversation
9: Hazel Moon: Nine Pearls of Wisdom (Divination)
10. Liquid Amber Moon: Candles for the lighting
11: Madrone Moon: Deep Contemplation
12: Cypress Moon: Showers of Abundance
13: Redwood Moon: A Grand Celbration!


Showers of abundance can be all the community giving we like to do at this
time of year... helping the homeless... random acts of kindness and beauty...
unexpected windfalls... giveaways...donations...bonuses...

Candles for the lighting can apply to all the wonderful lights and sparkles
and fires and candles we light this time of the year, shining out against the
Dark... echoing the shimmer of the returning Maiden Sun...

Nine pearls of wisdom refers to divination. This is a good time to do a
reading with the cards or stones or whatever medium you choose, for insight and
guidance on the year to come...

"Fine conversation" can be about clearing the air if one has had unfinished
issues in a relationship...or it could be having wonderful and interesting
conversations... verbal congress... delicious schmoozing... an enlightening
chat...sharing knowledge...creative ideas....

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